Hello All!

My wife and I played Dungeons a& Dragons (and, on occasion, other table-top RPGs) when we lived in Oklahoma. We moved to NC about 4 years ago and have since then have had to deal with a lot, primarily an accident that left our oldest son disabled. We both enjoyed playing then and I feel a few hours on the weekend spent doing something like this now will help take our minds off the stresses we have to deal with. She’s 33, and I’m 35.

We are looking for some guys and girls (3-4 plus someone willing to DM) that would be interested in getting into starting a campaign with us. We will be happy to host sessions (especially beneficial to us since we don’t like keeping our kids out or up late). We could play every other weekend, since that fits best into my work schedule. We live in the Concord/Mount Pleasant area.

We played almost exclusively 3rd Edition D&D when we were in OK and dabbled in 3.5, but I like what 4th Edition has to offer (thank you, Wil Wheaton). We have also played Vampire, Werewolf, and d10 version Rokugan. My wife tends to not truly role play; she isn’t as much into creating the character as she is just playing with a personality. I try to role play, but it doesn’t always work out. Most of all, we love to have fun and don’t mind when the game breaks out of character and gets a little goofy.

If willing to join, feel free to post a comment!

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